We love to share our students experiences.
Just take a look why.

"Great name and course.  First I got a speeding ticket and then I sped though traffic school.  Well worth it."

Greg, San Jose, CA

"Computers still make me nervous but after talking to the very nice man in support, he assured me I would have no trouble.  This course was so easy to use and I had fun too. Your support department was very patient and helpful. Thank you very much."

Lupe, Chula Vista, CA

"This course rocks.  Fast, simple and easy on the wallet. I really liked how you could take the quizzes as many times as needed to pass."

Jeff, Sacramento, CA

"Like an idiot, I waited until the last day to do traffic school.  When I called your sales line, I was frantic.  Your staff member calmed me down and told me exactly how I could complete the course and get my certificate to the court on time.  I followed his advice and made my deadline.  You don't know how much I appreciated your help.  Thank you so much for such a great service."

Stacy, Temecula, CA

"I really enjoyed the flexibility and how I could work around my 4 year olds schedule.  Thanks for making this course available and taking a lot of stress off my shoulders."

Tami, Stockton, CA

"Quite honestly, I chose this course by random from this long list given to me by the court.  I  thought the course was easy to use, well organized and quite simple.  I will definitely recommend this course to others.  Thank you."

Debra, San Francisco, CA

"I did traffic school a couple of years ago in a classroom.  This was the first time I tried the course over the internet.  I called your sales department and they answered all my questions clearly and honestly.  There was absolutely no pressure to sign up.  I loved the try before you buy policy.  Good job. Highly recommended."

Kenneth, San Mateo, CA

"I found this course very competitive in price and very enjoyable to do.  Working around my work schedule was the best part.  I hope I never get another ticket but if I do, I will definitely take this course again.  Thank you"

Lin, Fremont, CA

"Rocket to the rescue.  Thanks for being there." 

Mark, Phoenix, AZ